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Tips on Jealousy in Relationships, Anxiety, and Insecurity

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Top Self Podcast

If you struggle with anxiety, insecurity or jealousy in your relationship, this podcast is for you!

Here you'll learn how to relax your mind, achieve change and be a healthier, more present you.

This podcast is hosted by Shanenn Bryant, former insecure and extreme jealous girl who turned the volume down on all that BS she'd been telling herself for years.  Now a podcast host, coach and speaker, she shares her own experiences and interviews guest experts in their field, to inspire you to live a life of confidence.

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Shanenn suffered for decades with feelings of low self-worth.  Leading life with fear, anxiety, and jealousy in relationships caused her to miss out on career opportunities and to stay in bad relationships because she didn't feel "good enough". 

She realized her problem was the lack of belief in herself.  Once she changed her mindset, great things started happening and now her career and relationship look a whole lot different, free of the anxious knots in her stomach.

She shares all her trials and pains in this podcast and brings on experts in their field to weigh in as well.

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"I have never heard someone know exactly what jealousy felt like! I happened to come across your podcast and listened to episode 28 and it resonated with all the issues I've had in my relationships. I hate feeling jealous and the insecurities that follow with it. I'm looking forward to listening to the previous and future episodes as well. Thank you so much for sharing what your journey has been with jealousy."


"This is such a great podcast uncovering the hard topics we rarely talk about. For someone who used to struggle with jealousy in relationships and jealous partners, this podcast helps me understand these patterns. I highly recommend checking out this show if you feel tension in your relationship and would like to learn tangible strategies to overcome jealousy and strengthen communication and trust!"


"Jealousy, if left unchecked, can be dangerous! That is why I am so glad you are dealing with this issue Shanenn. It's not a sexy topic and it can also come with a lot of guilt, pain and shame but it has to be dealt with. Thank you for providing a safe space to talk about a difficult topic. Thank you for giving the world tools to deal with jealousy and all that comes with it. This takes courage!"


"Nice to hear from someone who has experienced the things she is teaching about. Feel better connection and hope from listening as opposed to someone who no matter how smart can just not understand. Keep it up girl!"


"I was not aware of how many layers of jealousy exist until I listened to this podcast. I recently had a discussion with Shanenn on the topic and it amazes me how much insight she has on the subject. Thank you!"

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