Change from being obsessed about your partner to be obsessed about your life. 

Are insecurities and jealousy poisoning your relationship?  These poisons will quickly chip away at trust, communication and fun, leaving you feeling lost and disconnected. 

Take a deep breath because there's an exclusive group coaching program designed to help turn down the volume on your jealousy and help you trust, not only your partner, but yourself.

I'm Ready for Change. Let's Go!

"I thought I was the only one who experienced extreme jealousy.  I was so ashamed of it. 

Taking this program and beginning to implement some goals while being aware of my habit cycle was a turning point in my life. 

Thank you for not only opening my mind and heart but truly making me feel like I wasn't alone."

What You'll Gain

  • Proven Strategies:¬† Techniques to establish and nurture trust in any relationship
  • Personalized Coaching:¬† Receive individualized guidance tailored to your unique challenges and goals
  • Supportive Community:¬† Connect with like-minded indivduals on a journey towards the same goal (trust me... if you feel nervous at first, you'll warm up very quickly and LOVE having the other people in the session to chat with)
  • Practical Application:¬†¬†Put theory into action with hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios

Key Topics Covered

Self Awareness

My mantra is "You can't change what's in your way until you acknowledge the insecure things you think, do, and say."

Cracking the Control Code

Letting go of your fear of uncertainty and surrender the control grip you have on your relationship and all aspects of your life.

Breaking Bogus Beliefs

We're going to take that messy junk drawer of bogus beliefs, dump it to get a good look at what you're hanging on to .

High Value Habits

Learn how the habit cycle works, the reward rush of jealousy and how to set yourself free from your insecure habits one step at a time.

And much, much more...


Shanenn is a relationship confidence expert and educator.  After many decades of suffering from jealousy in her own relationships, she designed this group program as a space to walk through tools and techniques to help turn down the volume on your insecurities and a space to finally talk about your jealousy with others.


You can't change whats in your way if you don't examine what you think, do, and say.  Dive into those insecure habits you're operating from and get clear on why you're doing them and how to get out of the habit loop.

Coping Techniques

A jealous meltdown can come on fast and furious so its best to be equipped with techniques to take your jealous reactions.  You'll work on a self-regulation recipe that works best for you both in and out of the moment. 


Having extreme jealousy can make you feel very alone.  The group program is a community of people who share similar thoughts and reactions as you do.  Finally, a place you can talk about your jealousy!

The Trust Building Bootcamp Starts Soon! 

Finally a place where you can be seen and heard but most of all, not feel ashamed to about your jealousy thoughts and actions.

Don't miss this opportunity to hop in the Trust Building Bootcamp starting Wednesday, May 29th.  This group will meet every Wednesday at 7:00 pm ET for 6 weeks.

Start trusting and stop wasting your worth on worry.  Come be a part of this amazing group and get live lessons from relationship jealousy expert and educator, Shanenn Bryant every week.  Sign Up Today!

I'm Ready for Transformation

Brene' Brown says "Everyone wants transformation but nobody wants to change."  That's because change sounds hard so in the past, you may have thought "I'll do it next time" or "I don't have time to put attention to this" but the time is NOW.  You're relationship and peace of mind can't wait any longer.

Join others who feel just like you, think just like you, and who will support you in your transformation.

I Want to Trust. I'm Ready!